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John A. Flower

President and Professor Emeritus
Cleveland State University
Cleveland, OH

Born and reared in the state of Washington, John Flower attended the University of Washington and the University of Michigan where he earned his Ph.D.  In Fontainebleau, France he was a student of Nadia Boulanger.

During World War II, he was a fighter-bomber pilot in the South pacific flying missions out of New Guinea and the Philippines.

He spent 18 years at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor progressing through the academic ranks to tenured professorship and associate deanship of the School of Music.  At Kent State University he was Dean of the College of Fine and Professional Arts and was subsequently appointed Associate Provost of the University.  He was the Founding Dean of the Blossom Festival School of the Cleveland Orchestra and Kent State University.

At Cleveland State University he served 19 years as Professor, Academic Vice President-Provost and President.  Upon his retirement from Cleveland State in 1992 he served 9 years as Executive Director of the Northeast Ohio Council on Higher Education which is a consortium of 22 public and private colleges, universities, and community colleges in northeastern Ohio.

John Flower has written scores of articles and research reports and has contributed many op ed pieces to newspapers.  He has served as a consultant or member of accreditation teams at over 100 universities.  As a pianist he performs regularly in Cleveland and has performed in England, Finland, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and Pakistan.  He was the founding chairman of the Ohio Aerospace Institute located adjacent to the NASA Glenn campus.  His recently published book is entitled, "Downstairs Upstairs: The Changing Spirit and Face of College Life in America".