department of pharmacology

Olga Miller

Personal Statement


Moscow, Russia/Gaithersburg, MD

Undergraduate College/University

University of Maryland, College Park

Undergraduate major

Neurobiology and Physiology, Psychology

Research Interests

Studying the presence of TPRV2 channels in cardiac tissue.

Commonly used lab techniques

To date, I have performed protein overexpression, protein purification, digestion assays, and Western blotting. I also used NMR and will be using immunohistochemical assays

Why I chose Case's pharmacology department


Why I chose Case Western Reserve University

I came to Case because of the outstanding faculty, proximity to the Medical School and the Cleveland Clinic, the driven students, and the small program size in a comparatively large department. Coming to Case also provided an opportunity for me to live outside of Maryland in the United States.

Where I see myself in the future

I see myself working in the Research and Development industry designing Psychopharmaceuticals or becoming a Professor at a small university.

Hobbies and outside interests

I love sightseeing, going to parks and museums, exploring, taking pictures, running. I also try to spend as much time with my family as possible.

Final Thoughts

As inconvenient as it may be, you cannot look to other people to tell you what will make you happy.