department of pharmacology


The following are gratefully acknowledged for their generous support of the Department of Pharmacology.

Rosalee and Raymond Weiss
In honor of Nathan S. Greenfield and Family, sponsor of the Nathan S. Greenfield Family Pharmacology Lecture and Travel Award

Dr. Robert Bonomo
Associate Professor of Medicine and Pharmacology
Case Western Reserve University
John A. Flower, Ph.D.
President and Professor Emeritus
Cleveland State University
Dr. Leslie T. Webster, Jr.
Professor and Chair, Emeritus
Department of Pharmacology
Case Western Reserve University

Z. Nicholas Zakov, M.D.
Retina Associates of Cleveland, Inc.
Clinical Professor
Case Western Reserve University
Department of Opthalmology
Alcon Research, LTD.
6201 South Freeway
Fort Worth, Texas 76134

QLT, Inc  
Cleveland Clinic


(OSI) Eyetech
Wyeth  Leica