Cancer Pharmacology Training Program

department of pharmacology


Cancer Biology

Mentors in this area provide training in understanding the molecular basis of cancer, mechanisms of action of anti-cancer drugs, and identification and pursuit of cancer targets for therapeutic manipulation.



Bedogni, Barbara Biochemistry 368-7602
Berdis, Anthony Pharmacology 368-4723
Byzova, Tatiana Lerner Research Institute, CCF (216) 445-4312
Berger, Nathan Medicine 368-2059
Danielpour, David Comp Cancer Ctr 368-5670
DiFeo, Analisa Comp Cancer Ctr 216.368.3117
Distelhorst, Clark Hemat/oncology 368-1176
Dowlati, Afshin Hemoc/Onco 844-1228
Egelhoff, Thomas Cellular and Molecular Medicie Lerner Research Institute 445-9912
Gerson, Stanton Comp Cancer Ctr 844-8565
Gupta, Sanjay Urology-UH 368-6162
Letterio, John Peds-UH 844-3345
Keri, Ruth Pharmacology 368-3495
Manor, Danny Nutrition 368-6230
Markowitz, Sanford Medicie-Hem/Onc 368-1976
Mieyal, John Pharmacology 368-3383
Montano, Monica Pharmacology 368-3378
Narla, Goutham Medicine 368-3111
Oleinick, Nancy Rad Oncology 368-1117
Schiemann, William Comp Cancer Ctr 216-368-5763
Sloan, Andrew Neurological Surgery 216-844-2724
Wang, Bincheng Rammelkamp Center for Research - MH 216-778-4256
Wang, Zhenghe (John) Genetics 368-0446
Welford, Scott Rad Oncology 216-368-8625