Cancer Pharmacology Training Program

department of pharmacology


Drug Design and Delivery


Mentors in this area provide training in methodologies for identification of new druggable targets, approaches for development of new therapeutic agents, analytical techniques, synthesis of small molecules, generation and testing of new agents and delivery systems.


Alsberg, Eben BME 368-6425
Burda, Clemens Chemistry 368-5918
Dealwis, Chris Pharmacology 368-1652
Exner, Agata Radiology 844-3544
Krathanasis, Efstathios (Stathis) Biomedical Engineering 216-844-5281
Lee, Irene Chemistry 368-6001
Palczewski, Krzysztof Pharmacology 368-4497
Salomon, Bob Chemistry 368-2592
Steinmetz, Nicole F BME 368- 5590
Taylor, Derek Pharmacology 368-0684
Tochtrop, Gregory Chemistry 368-2351
von Recum, Horst BME 368-5513
Xu, Yan Chemistry (CSU) 687-3991